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Artist Eddie Ptak

Eddie Ptak has been a resident of Adelaide since 1966 and his professional experience includes many years of working in the Mechanical Engineering fields and Industrial Laser Technology.

In the early 1980s, Eddie had the good fortune of being involved in the development of industrial laser technology. It was while working with laser technology, that he realised the incredible versatility for the use of laser in the art and craft of sculpture.

Eddie has been commissioned by local, interstate and overseas artists to assist in delivering product solutions including process development, design and execution of laser technology.

Of note is current work in producing art designs on marble substrate using laser etching for Sundials Australia. Some of this work is now in place at several locations around Adelaide.

The Sculpture Process

Eddie Ptak has developed a keen interest in sculpting insects and birds while embracing colours and shapes from the natural world crafted with puzzle-fitting laser cut acrylics.

Utilising his engineering and computer software design skills, Eddie is able to delicately sculpt every intricate piece with laser cut precision without relying on any adhesives. Each piece is an originally crafted work of art with individually fitted components, life-like colours and details.

Eddie was invited to display some of his work at the Framed Gallery in Darwin during July 2015. Several pieces were sold to private collections by the Gallery.

From January to February 2016, Eddie held a joint exhibition “Synthetic Biota” with fellow artist Joanna Roberts at the Hahndorf Academy in South Australia. Several pieces of Eddie’s work were sold from this exhibition, as well as receiving two commissions.

“With the use of engineering skills, technology, and vision, his paint has become the beautiful shades of acrylic, his glue has become the precision fitting of each component that combine to create a unique vision of the natural world.”

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